Meteorological Instruments

Studying the weather requires the use of equipment called the Meteorological instruments that can measure things like wind direction, evaporation recorder, sunshine recorder, solar radiation, rainfall, temperature, wind speed, evaporation rate, and more. Other instruments assist people with visible observations, such as studying clouds and storm systems, recording visual data that can be perused or studied later and compared against other visual data from different locations and times. These specialized scientific instruments are often made by companies that focus on just this type of equipment. The company is fully managed by a team of highly qualified personnel with vast experience and active involvement in foreign business. The enterprise also has expertise in designing custom made equipments and according to the specification of clients. Our product line in meteorological instruments includes Automatic Wind Monitor, Automatic Weather Station, Digital Evaporation Recorder, Sunshine Recorder, Digital Solar Radiation Recorder, Digital Rainfall Recorder, Snow Water Equivalent Recorder, Stevenson Screen and more.

Manufacturer of: Hydrological, Meteorological, River Gauging instruments & Digital Weather station We introduce ourselves as manufacturer of wide range of mechanical type scientific instruments with Chart / Graph like Hydrological, Meteorological, Water Level Recorder, Digital Wind Speed & Digital Weather Stations. We also manufacture special purpose instruments for measurement of environmental parameters from mechanical to electronics.

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Digital Psychrometer

Price: 18000.00 - 30000.00 INR/Piece
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Wind Speed Sensor

Wind Speed Sensor is widely used to monitor the speed of the wind and is used at major climate monitoring centers...